Secured Wi-Fi Solution

An enterprise Wi-Fi solution aims to provide the company and its customers with the best possible connection and experience. Today, reliable Wi-Fi is about computers and smartphones. But tomorrow’s Wi-Fi will expand & reach to smarter buildings & cities, automation, public safety, and the Internet of Things: a truly connected world.

Enterprise Wi-Fi are used in an office building, retail store, healthcare zone or other large public locations as home Wi-Fi set-ups can’t support the increased demands of internet browsing. Wi-Fi Access is controlled by an administrator, so that only authorized users can connect.

Cloud Wi-Fi has become universal in almost every device, from desktops to laptops to mobile devices, and every day, Wi-Fi technology is improving. Offering guest Wi-Fi solutions can open new doors for your business. For example, Wi-Fi solutions for cafe, restaurants will make the consumers stay longer.

Wi-Fi access is essential to both employees and guests but network security is a concern for workplaces of all types. Techno Baba’s Wi-Fi Solution for Workplaces makes it easy for IT teams to implement WPA2-Enterprise and gives them real-time visibility and control of the users and devices accessing the networks.